CommUnity Meeting Thank You

Thank you to everyone who participated in the CommUnity Meeting last Sunday.  We collected a lot of information, and the board will be reviewing it and sharing the applicable parts with the Minister Search Team. We also have the list of your questions and will respond to them soon.

Minister Search Update:

  • Applications to be on the Search Team are due at noon on Sunday, Oct. 21.
  • The board will determine the Search Team members on Oct. 23.
  • The board hopes to send the required packet of information to Unity Worldwide Ministries by Oct. 25.
  • After UWM processes the packet’s information, the vacancy will be listed on the UWM website and in its newsletter, The Path, which comes out regularly.
  • We should start receiving resumes shortly after that.
  • The Search Team will review all the responses, and will schedule phone and/or electronic interviews.
  • The finalists will come to UCR (one at a time) to meet congregants and to give a Sunday message.
  • The Search Team will give its recommendations to the Board.
  • The Board will determine who to hire.

This process could take a while.  It just depends on the number of applicants and the schedules of the search team and applicants.

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