Josh and Mary

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Join Joseph Drolshagen for his energetic “Embrace Your Passion” Workshop! Invite your friends to the facebook event here.

You will learn a simple formula that will give you the keys to move into a life of Purpose. A life of Passion and beyond, including securing your legacy. Joseph’s “Living Your Purpose” workshops are dynamic and truly life altering. You’ll leave a different person, with a clear vision, inspired and empowered, knowing your birthright is to live the life you’ve designed during the workshop. You will know that regardless of your current circumstances and conditions, you have the power to create and live this life.

Joseph has extraordinary passion. Whether it’s speaking on stage, working with clients and groups, or throughout his writing; “Coaches Corner” (for The Magic Happens Now magazine, highly
acclaimed book, “Life’s Lessons”, he delivers his message with depth, conviction and a great sense of humor. He is committed to each participant gaining new insights into breaking negative patterns in order to live in even more love, purpose and joy! Joseph’s mantra, ‘Life is Meant to be Lived with Passion’ comes through loud and clear in his delivery.

embrace your passion

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