Congregants ranked the following areas 1 to 7 in order of importance to our ministry, with 1 being most important.

VISIONARY/PLANNER/ORGANIZER Average Score 4.57 Ranking 4
 Plans for keeping mission and vision current
 Planning for building financial development strategies
 Plans for ministry growth
 Plans for training youth, YOU, Next Generation, and volunteers

PRESENTER Average Score 2.50 Ranking 1
 Effective Sunday speaker
 Effective teacher
 Speaks and writes clearly
 Develops and leads worship experiences

 Demonstrates prayer consciousness
 Compassionate and caring person
 Sensitive to others needs
 Negotiates and/or compromises
 Demonstrates appreciation for volunteers
 Compassionate listener
 Deals effectively with different points of view

CHAPLAINCY/PASTORAL Average Score 6.55 Ranking 6
 Maintains confidentiality
 Makes hospital visits; visit shut-ins and nursing homes; prayer with members
 Facilitates training for chaplains.
 Helps develop prayer consciousness within ministry

LEADERSHIP Average Score 3.81 Ranking 3
 Team player with teams and board
 Promotes small group ministry
 Models and teaches open attitudes with a diverse population
 Invites others to become involved in ministry
 Builds spiritual community
 Helps develop leadership abilities in others
 Helps to develop a prosperity consciousness within the ministry

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING Average Score 5.19 Ranking 5
 Maintains confidentiality
 Helps people develop a spiritual life
 Guidance in solving problems
 Ministers to people in crisis

ADMINISTRATION Average Score 6.90 Ranking 7
 Empowers staff (paid and volunteer]
 Delegates well
 Awareness of maintaining balanced budget
 Implements contribution appreciation letters

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