Update on Minister Search

The board of trustees is considering the possibility of retaining a transition consultant to assist us.

We have two options:

Option 1. Unity Worldwide Ministries member services can provide a transition consultant.

  • UWM transition services can offer:
    1. Part-Time Transitional Consulting: These individuals are present in the ministry 2 weekends a month and the intervening period between. They facilitate transition processes, conduct 2 Sunday services, consult with the board and leadership, and support and guide as needed.
    2. Monthly Transitional Consulting: These individuals conduct transitional processes as needed, generally being present at the ministry one weekend a month in which they facilitate a process, conduct the Sunday service, and consult with the board and leadership.
  • Board members will complete a ministry assessment document and return it to the UWM transition coordinator. ¬†When the coordinator receives the assessment document, she will assign a transition consultant to us.

Option 2. Contact Martha Creek, who has worked with UCR for many years, to assist us in our transitional process.

With either option, we can expect to cover travel, meals, and hotel accommodations (unless a congregant hosts the consultant at their home). In addition, we will have consultant fees and Sunday guest speaker fees.

Once we are complete with the transitional work, the plan is to begin a ministerial search process. We have not yet chosen any options. Please keep our ministry and board of trustees in your prayers, holding the space for the highest good for all. The board is lovingly accepting input and comments.

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