Regathering Inside UCR

Welcome Home!


Join us for services INSIDE the building at Unity Center of Cedar Rapids starting on Sunday, June 13, 2021!


Please read the important protocol below.

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As We Regather in Person

Home is Where the Heart Is

Below are important protocols that we ask you to observe as we create a safe and inclusive environment for all who attend.

These protocols are also grounded in our commitment to love our neighbor as ourselves. Rationales for the protocols are included in italics.

  1. Mask wearing is optional for those who are fully vaccinated. A recent survey appears to indicate that there is a high rate of full COVID-19 vaccination in our congregation. Yes, we are on the honor system. We cannot require someone to reveal his/her/their vaccination status. This is a privacy issue. We can casually ask, but we cannot require an answer. 
  1. We ask those who are not yet vaccinated to wear masks inside the building, particularly when social distancing is not possible (including unvaccinated children over 2 years of age). This request is grounded in care and deep concern for all the members of the congregation. It is not intended to exclude anyone.  
  1. Be aware that mask wearing does not necessarily indicate that someone is unvaccinated.  There are congregants who will continue to wear masks after vaccination in all situations outside the home and will do so at UCR.  Parents of unvaccinated children are an example.  Also, those who are immunocompromised.  The lesson is:  Don’t assume!
  1. If someone wearing a mask speaks to you or is seated near you, pop a mask on for his/her/their comfort, or ask them directly if they prefer you to wear a mask.  So, bring a mask with you.  We will have some at the center, too.
  1. It is best that we give each other our best elbow bumps as we meet inside.  However, always ask before initiating any physical contact, especially hugs!  Some folks are not ready for that yet.  Honestly, asking is a good idea in all circumstances.  Be mindful of physical space and physical cues.
  1. If you are relating to or speaking to an unvaccinated child, put on a mask. This is for their protection and is evidence of our care for them.
  1. There will be some chairs spaced in the Sanctuary for the comfort of those who want more physical distance. 
  2. UCR will continue to use disposable or compostable paper products for now.

Thank you for keeping the above protocols in mind as we gather safely.

Welcome Home
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