September 14, 2018 Ministerial Search Update

We have heard from Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM), and we are moving forward!  Here are the steps:

  1.  With guidance from UWM, trained facilitators from UCR will conduct group meetings with congregants to help us with the transition process.  We’ll let you know when these meetings will be scheduled. We look forward to hearing your ideas.
  2. The board received a packet of material to begin the search process. There is a lot of information to collect and share with UWM. We will continue to provide the congregation with updates in the enews.
  3.  In the meantime, we will work with UWM and our Great Lakes regional representative to see if we can get more Unity ministers to fill in as guest speakers as we go through this process.
Your continued support of UCR during this exciting time is appreciated!
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