Parking Lot Service – Changed to Zoom Meeting!


Sunday May 9 | 10 am

 It is going to be cold and rainy on Sunday, so we have changed the parking lot service to a Zoom meeting. 

Click the link to join us!

Sunday May 9

Order of Service

See the see the slides below/right to follow along with the lyrics.

  • Prelude Music
  • Welcome & Opening Statement
  • Opening Song
  • Announcements & Daily Word
  • Congregational Song
  • Youth & Family Ministry
  • Centering Song
  • Meditation
  • Featured Music
  • Lesson
  • Offertory
  • Peace Song

God goes with you and before you in all that you do, making sure, safe, and smooth your way!


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  • Advance to the next slide by tapping the picture or the front/back arrow
  • Tap the three dots to enter ‘full screen
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