Ministry Teams


There are many opportunities to serve at Unity Cedar Rapids.

Some require minimal time commitment andsome require more.

Find a way to make a difference at UCR and in our community!


Just ask a friendly face about one of our Ministry Teams, or contact us at [email protected].


Audio - Visual Team

Team lead –  Tom Z (audio) and Greg M (visual)

Liaison: Greg M

Description – this team works the sound board and video camera during Sunday services.  Team members are willing to train new people to rotate in.

Brunch and Kitchen

Team lead – Claudia H

Liaison: Vicki G

Description – This team helps maintain our kitchen and coordinates our brunches.  Help make a brunch or do dishes  –  they’ll be glad to show you how.

Building Team

Team leads –  Greg M, Frank N

Liaison: Greg M

Description – This team helps maintain the inside of our building. Its members do basic maintenance – filters, light bulbs, appliances, leaks, etc.  They are usually handy and good problem solvers.

Celebration Sunday

Team lead – Dave J

Liaison: Sally M

Description – This team provides treats once a month to celebrate birthdays and the ministry of the month.  Let Dave or Laura Jepsen know if you’re interested in helping provide or serve treats.

Community Connections Team (Outreach)

Team lead – TBD

Liaison:  Laura M

Description – This team helps UnityCR become more visible in the community, with the goal of bringing more people to Unity. 

They coordinate UCR participation at parades, booths, events. 

Dept. of the Interior

Team lead & Liaison– Lynda B

Description — This team is in charge of decorating the church for various seasons or events.  Just answer the call for volunteers when it goes out, or talk to Lynda Black-Smith with ideas or inquiries. 

Earth Care Team

Team lead –  Barb B

Liaison: Sally M

Description —  This team fosters the awareness of our spiritual oneness with our Earth home and promotes active care of Creation. In short, it helps UCR stay green. Learn more here!

Elayne Fisher Community Cupboard Team

Team lead –  Barb B

Liaison: Laura M

Description – This team maintains a steady supply of food and paper products to share with those in need.  Team members take turns serving on Tuesdays, or help with inventory and purchasing. 


Exploring Unity Team

Team lead &  Liaison –  Janith G

Description – This team teaches potential new members all about Unity principles, ideas, and actions, and about Unity CR in particular.  The team offers classes usually two or three times a year. 


Facility Rental Team

Team lead – To be determined

Liaison:  Laura M

Description This is a team we’d like to start up again.  Its members would help promote our facility for rental (i.e. weddings, graduations, reunions, and other events).  They may also explore finding a way to use our facility during the week to generate income.

Grounds Team

Team lead –  TBD

Liaison: Vicki G

Description – This team takes care of our outside grounds. They help with weeding, tree care, pond maintenance, drainage, parking lot maintenance, garage, and any outside things that come up.


Marketing Team

Team lead – Lisa K

Liaison: Lynda B

Description – This team helps promote UCR events in various media outlets (social media or other), maintains our website, and tells the world about us.

Media Team

Team lead – Lisa K

Liaison: Vicki G

Description – This team shares our Sunday Service via livestream and podcast. They post announcements and lyrics on the screens in the sanctuary. Team members rotate Sundays and help engage our online audience.

Music Ministry

Team lead –  Nina Swanson is our music director.

Description – This team’s members express themselves through music.  If you want to sing in the choir or play a musical instrument, see Nina!

Spiritual Care Team

Team lead – Janith G

Liaison: Sally M

Description – This team makes phone calls and/or home or hospital visits to congregants who request prayer and spiritual support. It requires specific training, but new team members are welcome. 

Sacred Grounds & Books

Team lead – TBD

Liaison: Laura M

Description – This team maintains our bookstore inventory and lending library.  On a rotating basis, they help people select books or merchandise, and they serve refreshments before and after the Sunday services. They also support and coordinate artists who want to sell their products. 

Welcome Team

Team lead –  TBD

Liaison:  Laura M

Description – This team, on a rotating basis, welcomes people to UCR on Sunday mornings and occasionally for a special event, like a memorial service.  They also serve as ushers during the service.  



Youth & Family

Team lead – Josh & Mary H

Liaison:  Sally Miller

Description – Volunteers assist our youth directors with the children’s lessons or child care on Sunday mornings, giving the children love and keeping them safe.  


Prayer Tree and Prayer Room

Team lead – Verne &  Audrey E

Liaisons:  Susan L, Janith G, Barb B

Description – The Prayer Tree Team prays for those who request prayer through our prayer box, email, or phone.  Prayer Room Partners pray with people in the prayer room before or after the Sunday service.  Serving on any of the prayer teams requires training in Unity’s affirmative prayer techniques, but all are welcome.

  • Sacred Grounds and Books Ministry provides resources and an environment for camaraderie, education and spiritual enrichment. This beautiful space is available for rent.
  • Social Action/Outreach Ministry builds a bridge between UnityCR and the greater community doing the work of Spirit.
  • Spiritual Care Ministry provides personal support for your spiritual needs, whether it be a hospital visit, home visit, or prayer support.  Contact us at [email protected] or 319-393-5422.
  • Youth and Family Ministry provides a safe place of love and acceptance where our youth explore oneness with God. A nursery is also available during Sunday service.
  • Welcome Ministry embraces all who enter here with an open and welcoming heart.