Community Resources

Linn County Resources

Need affordable housing or food assistance? Looking for child care? Thinking about going back to school? Unity Center of Cedar Rapids wants you to know that Linn County Community Services offers a number of resource pages that will help you in your search. Interested?  Go to this website. Also be aware that United Way of East Central Iowa  offers a 2-1-1 resource directory that will help those in trouble find the social services they need. Go to this website to find out more.

UnityCR Labyrinth

The labyrinth is an ancient tool for walking a personal pilgrimage. Labyrinths differ from mazes, which have dead ends and closed passageways. A labyrinth has one unobstructed pathway from beginning to center and then back out again, symbolizing life’s journey.

The labyrinth pattern found at Unity Center of Cedar Rapids replicates the one at Chartres Cathedral in France and at Unity Village near Kansas City, Missouri. It is divided into four quadrants of circulating pathways. At the center is a rosette design, which is an ancient symbol of wholeness. In Unity teachings, the rose is symbolic of the “unfoldment of the human soul.”

Wherever you are on your spiritual path, come walk with us. Use your imagination as you walk the labyrinth, which symbolizes the twists and turns of your life. Take a question with you to the center to contemplate. Enjoy the quiet meditative pace as you walk, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. The outdoor labyrinth, which is painted on the UnityCR parking lot, is wheelchair accessible.