Youth and Family Ministry

As an integral part of the Unity experience, the Youth and Family Ministry provides a creative learning environment that is safe, loving, fun, and inspiring.  

We hope to empower young people to know their Divine nature, to see the good in themselves and others.

UnityCR Youth – Online!

During this time when we must be physically distant, we would love the youth of UnityCR to stay engaged. 

Josh and Mary have created special lessons, just for you. Check out their videos in this playlist.

Sunday Morning Routine

  1. Sign in at the Youth Table in the entryway
  2. Children attend a portion of the Sunday service with their family.
  3. After a short prayer and a song, children are escorted to their respective classrooms by Youth Ministry staff.
Josh & Mary Haun

Josh & Mary Haun

Youth & Family Ministry Leaders



Our youth ministry staff create a setting in which children feel loved, safe, and inspired to learn about Spirit.  Unity follows safety policies by having two adults in the classroom.  No child is left alone.  All classroom doors have windows. Parents are always welcome to observe and assist.

If you have any questions about our program feel free to email


We use a story-based curriculum from Unity Worldwide Ministries, drawing from Bible stories and other resources to help children understand Truth Principles.  In Unity we believe that the Bible is the narrative of our own personal journey.  When we gain a deeper understanding of the stories, we are better able to use them to enrich our lives.  Each age groups focuses on different elements of the stories, based on their level of understanding.

UniTykes (3 years – Kindergarten):

The main focus with this young group is to reinforce  the idea that God is within us, around us, everywhere present, and loves unconditionally.  The curriculum uses Bible stories and other books to help the children learn in a fun way about themes, such as uniqueness, families, loving, compassion, cooperation, caring, and oneness.  We have crafts, games, puppets, music, sharing, and “wiggle time.”

UniKids (Grades 1 – 5):

The focus with this age group is to learn the five Unity Principles and the 12 Gifts of God and how they apply in our lives.  We use Bible and contemporary stories, crafts, games, kitchen lessons and more to make it fun, yet educational and spiritual.

We welcome middle school and high school youth and anticipate building these groups in the near future.

Unity’s Five Basic Principles

(Written for children):

  1. Wherever I am God is, and God is all good.
  2. God’s light shines in all people.
  3. My thoughts and words affect how I see my world.
  4. Prayer keeps me connected to God.
  5. I use the Truth I am learning in everything I think, say, and do.  I make a difference!

The 12 Powers (or Gifts) of God

  1. Faith
  2. Love
  3. Strength
  4. Imagination
  5. Wisdom
  6. Will
  7. Understanding
  8. Power
  9. Order
  10. Zeal
  11. Release
  12. Life